Set Of 5 Wooden Massage Tools Include 1pc Curved Nine-Ball Rollers Handheld Massager For Waist, 1pc Rotating Square Rollers Handheld Massager For Shoulder And Neck, 1pc Large Lattice Back Rollers Massager, 1pc Fish-Tail-Shaped Body Massager, And 1pc Body Cupping Toy For Women's Relaxation Of Muscles. Suitable For Home Use On Abdomen, Legs, Back, Neck, Shoulders And Waist.

SKU: sb2401127257791926
General Specification

Three-piece Set (5-1)

Five Piece Set

Four-piece Set (5-1)

Five Colors (5-1)

Xiaolabei (5-1)

Big Back (5-1)

Roller Cup (5-1)

Straight Nine-wheel (5-1)

Straight Twelve Rounds (5-1)

Bend Twelve Wheels (5-1)

Cross (5-1)

Big Octopus (5-1)

Little Octopus (5-1)

Mushroom Head (5-1)

Twelve-bead Octopus (5-1)

Ten Ball Roller (5-1)

Moon (5-1)

Fishtail (5-1)

Ax (5-1)

Pointed Fish Tail (5-1)

Five-tooth Comb (5-1)

Bend Nine Wheels (5-1)

Massage Cup (5-1)

Seven-piece Set (XLB+XZY+FT+SZ+GSB+WSZ+ZKJL)

Six-piece Set (ZKJL+WSZ+DLB+YW+GSB+YL)

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